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About Ray Simon

Ray Simon Art is a company started by Ray Simon that offers Tribute Paintings to those who have responded to America's highest calling: The Preservation of Liberty and of Our Great Democracy. From Military collectible prints to Sports legends we offer customizable paintings that will forever honor your family name.

Artist Ray Simon enjoyed a wonderful childhood growing up in northeastern Ohio in Youngstown, a multicultural neighborhood.

His childhood has had a direct impact on his values and inspire him to create artwork that evokes strong ties with him and his subjects.

Ray Simon masterfully uses his artistic gift and integrates it with his deep love and reverence for American culture. Ray's command of this unique craft sets him apart from the many other commercial artists working in the field.

But artistic prowess is not the only objective Ray Simon is striving for. He would prefer that the viewer forget about the technical aspects of his work and focus on the meaning behind each creation. Each Ray Simon original painting tells a heartfelt story; stories that are not easily told in just one medium.

That is why Ray chooses to accentuate each piece with a thought provoking, emotionally-stirring quote.

This added touch is what sets Ray Simon's artwork apart from other artists and gently places it in a world all its own. A world where life and art blend together to create dazzling images of triumph and tragedy, joy and pain.

Ray and his staff spend as much time researching the meaning behind the artwork as he does creating it. Ray is a man who dives head first into our history and our culture with great passion.

He emerges as an artist whose works will stand the test of time, allowing future generations to peek through a portal of time and look on for years to come...

As you view some of his paintings, you will begin to understand the heartfelt feelings, values and messages he places in each painting.

We invite you to browse through this web site in hope that the profound message embedded in these pages touches both your heart, and your soul.

Ray Simon

Thank you for visiting raysimonart.com !

Ray Simon young

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